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Painting Print on Premium, Ready-to-Hang, Canvas

While sick at home, this piece was painted over the end of 2020 and the beginning of a new year. During the hours painting it, there was a lot of reflection over the past year’s events; the tragic loss of my uncle, my cousin-in-law, watching people i love dearly suffer, watching all of these with eyes wide open because of a pandemic that shifted all of our realities.

I originally had a pallet of darker tones lined up, until I stopped to think of the things that never would have been had the past year not been what it was; The new friends I made, notably an artist who is one of the pivotal reasons I started to share my paintings. The time invested in building up my shop and having so much fun with my clients along the way. The little moments in between where we regressed back to actually speaking to one another, instead of learning about our friends lives through social media.

Between the good & the bad, this piece reflects a lot of forgiveness. Forgiving the anger that I experienced throughout. Forgiveness for life not owing you anything and realizing that for every curveball it throws you, if you’re still breathing, it means you can still get back on the horse. Forgiveness for not meeting every impossibly high standard I set for myself.

Forgiveness for being human.



Painted on premium canvas on a gallery level wooden frame over 1.5" x 1.5" stretcher bars. All paintings are delivered "ready to hang" with pre-attached mounting hooks, and nails.



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