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About Art Pointe

Your home should be your comfort zone. 

Working in the construction industry is working in an industry full of characters, myself included. The bold and valiant environment from my day to day carry’s over into my artwork. I adore rich jewel tones, metallics, and simply mixing colours for hours to see the beauty in how they blend. Art Deco’s bold geometrics are something I have trouble staying away from but from time to time I enjoy switching to bright palettes for statement pieces.

What I want my artwork to convey is that by limiting yourself to a specific style, a specific medium, a specific anything, is denying yourself the possibility of endless outcomes. The wonderful thing about art is that there are no limits apart from those you put on yourself. As you remove them, you’ll find yourself creating something you never thought you could.

Create your perfect comfort zone with a splash of Art Pointe.

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